Accelerate ‘FAST-TRAK’ Tuition Course

If you need to pass your test more quickly than normal this may be the option for you.

At Accelerate School of Motoring regardless of what level of experience you are, you will only take the number of lessons you require to become a good safe driver and pass your practical driving test.


No block booking payment is required / This is a pay as you go arrangement.


We have taken into consideration all of the D.V.S.A. barriers that restrict us passing quickly, i.e: we are controlled by the waiting lists and unlike many schools, we will not promise something we cannot deliver.


Initially, we will plan a two-hour assessment lesson. This is for the benefit of both parties. For you, to make sure you have made the correct decision about the school you have chosen and that all of your expectations will be met, and for us, to ensure we can meet those expectations.


We will then mutually commit to either 2x two or 1x four full hours of tuition per week at regular times based on the normal hourly lesson rate at a time that mutually suits both parties.


If extra lesson slots become available they will be offered to you to speed up the process even more.The lessons will be structured to suit your learning ability but never forgetting that we need to make you a competent driver and get you to that prestigious test pass as soon and as economically as possible.


Because you are taking lessons in quick succession you inevitably will get to the test standard much quicker and cheaper too!


So if you want to ‘accelerate on the road to a quick test pass’

Example: If you took 4 hours per week (2 x 2 hours) for example:

….that would be equivalent to a month of training in one session!


What are you waiting for?……request a callback

or call now to discuss the best course that meets your expectations at a price to suit your pocket!

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Useful comparison information about bad intensive training courses:


Other schools may offer intensive packages usually with a set fee and a guarantee of test pass. They plan ‘X’ amount of lessons in a week to try and get you to a reasonable standard for a test that is pre-booked usually on a busy Friday afternoon.
To achieve this they only drive around the local test routes giving you hints on aspects of the drive that may catch you out on the test day.They use every method at their disposal to teach you, effectively cheats to complete the manoeuvres, stickers in the windows etc with one aim in mind….to pass the test!
How you drive for the next 50 or so years is the last thing they care about but statistics show that the insurance companies are happy though.

The facts

You either take more lessons than you actually need so you spend more than you needed to.When the practical test arrives you panic because you feel you needed more lessons.


Many schools insist you have already taken possibly 20 hours of tuition before you are taken on.Residential packages often involve a rotation process with up to three students in the car at one time.If they guarantee a first-time test pass why do they offer a free re-test?


A week intensive course does not offer the experience of driving in various situations. For example: if you learn in the summer, no lessons at night or in adverse weather conditions.The average student can only concentrate for two/four hours, which is equivalent to driving to the lake district or to Devon.


Therefore Eight hours in a day is too much.It is a requirement of the Driving Standards Agency that you must pass a theory & hazard perception test before you can book a practical test. Therefore even if you have passed that already the local test centres usually have a long waiting list for available practical driving tests and therefore when you pass is still out of your control.

For Driving Lessons Cannock or surrounding areas such as

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