As you can imagine learning to drive and meeting today’s standards

is very different to even a few years ago. At first even making initial

contact with the instructor is scary.


After all, starting lessons is a big step but a necessary one to make.

This is why it’s important we do things correctly.

Lessons should be enjoyable and structured to get you to

that prestigious test pass certificate as soon and

economically as we can.

Up to 50% of our pupils come to us from other driving schools

following bad experiences. We pride ourselves on meeting

your expectations. We’re confident the problems you have

experienced will not happen with our school.

We strive to teach you to drive in a safe responsible way,

following an individual structure to match your learning ability,

never letting you take your ‘eye’ of the goal of getting that

‘test pass’ and ideally passing the first time.

We pride ourselves on

our very high first-time pass rate.


Unlike many other driving schools with Accelerate, you will

receive one to one driving tuition in a fully dual controlled tuition vehicle.

You will be the only pupil in the car getting our full attention.

It is possible for you to be picked up and dropped off at the

end of your lesson anywhere within a reasonable distance from

your home address (school, college, boyfriends, girlfriends etc).

A practical driving test ‘CANNOT’ be booked without first passing

the Theory and Hazard Awareness test. Therefore we encourage

and assist you to complete the theory test as soon as possible

so we can mutually control the practical test date, allowing

for waiting lists.

It is important that we meet your expectations

regarding timescales at a price that

suits your pocket.


We have taken into consideration all of the D.V.S.A. barriers

that restrict us passing quickly, i.e: we are controlled by the

waiting lists and unlike many schools.

We feel consistency is paramount to the overall success.

Lessons should be regular and structured. We use a

computerised diary to guarantee a regular weekly 2 hour

lessons slot on a set day and time to suit your busy lifestyle.

We will not promise something we cannot deliver


The time and day can be mutually changed if necessary by

discussing alternatives with the instructor. If extra lesson slots

become available they will be offered to you to speed up

the process even more.

The lessons will be structured to suit your learning ability

but never forgetting that we need to make you a competent

driver and get you to that prestigious test pass as soon

and as economically as possible.


The benefits of a two-hour lesson slot: we can generally

cover the same amount of work as other driving schools cover

in three single hours,

this speeds up the learning process, save’s you money in

the long-term and can get you to the practical test

quicker than with other schools.

 No block booking payment is required

This is a pay as you go arrangement.



Once we have talked in person about learning to drive with

Accelerate, you will receive an e-mail outlining everything you need to

know about the lesson structure, time changes, test’s, and the

terms and conditions.

We are always available to answer any questions you may have.

The next thing you need to do is contact us to

discuss prices, your requirements and

look at availability.



 The syllabus involves driving in all kinds of traffic situations.
You also need to learn manoeuvres: including reversing into a parking bay, driving
forward into a parking bay, Parallel parking, pulling up on the right-hand side of the
road, reversing two car lengths then rejoining the flow of traffic, hill starts, and
controlled stops, self-navigation driving using a sat nav to suggest just a few things.
You can visit the ‘Student information’ tab on the homepage whenever you need
to, it has links to everything a new learner driver needs to know.
Each lesson we will target new topics. We will work through the syllabus
logically at a pace that suits the way you learn.
With regular structured lessons, we endeavour to complete the syllabus as
quickly as we can. At this point, I will have encouraged you to have
passed your Theory and Hazard awareness test.
Once passed, we will already have a fair idea of your abilities and
will discuss when to book your practical driving test allowing for the
ever increasing waiting lists. Making sure we get the test when it suits us
is very important as this allows you to plan in plenty of time, budget and
prepare for that prestigious day.
Once the practical test is passed, I will then offer you a range of
other opportunities such as pass plus courses which can reduce your
insurance by up to 30%


I am friendly, reliable, calm and patient.

I have an excellent reputation with nervous pupils, who have

commented on my calming and encouraging manner.

This has helped them gain their confidence in their own driving ability.

There’s no reason why you cant have fun whilst learning too,

I am highly trained, motivated and committed to providing you

with a learning to drive experience that is both enjoyable and rewarding

and structured to your individual needs.

You will receive excellent value for money,

tuition and a professional service.

Much in the same way you would look at all the feature benefits comparing which university to choose, or buy a new sofa, I’m assuming you have been comparing Driving Schools?

With so much choice………….let me help you make the right decision…

Key Points learning with Accelerate School of Motoring

Top Grade A – Approved Driving Instructor

Nearly three decades of teaching experience

Fantastic ‘First Time pass rate

Top of the range black fully dual controlled car

Well structured lessons, one to one and at a regular time each week

Fantastic value for money

Pass plus Extra council grant for motorway etc when you pass

What are you waiting for?


Contact us now to discuss the best course that meets your expectations at a price to suit your pocket!

07986 333750