This contract is regarding driving lessons with Accelerate school of motoring and the Pupil

The terms and conditions are between Accelerate school of motoring and the person that finances those lessons. The pupil has the right to supply an alternative e-mail address for the perusal of the person that finances those lessons.
The contract should be directed at the parent /guardian /relative /friend/ company who are paying for the lessons. It is the pupil’s responsibility for the bill payer to be made aware of the terms and conditions of the document.
This contract has been sent to the pupil via the e-mail address the pupil supplied, therefore it should be assumed the contract is binding once a returned e-mail confirms acceptance of the terms and condition contained within the document.

You are advised to read, save or print a copy for your records. If you have any questions regarding the content of this document you should refrain from confirming its receipt until you are completely satisfied and are in agreement with its content.


To legally take driving lessons, a pupil must be over 17 years of age and hold a valid full/provisional driving licence with the correct address, photograph and signature. In the event of misplacing a licence, it should be disclosed immediately to the driving school.

The pupil is covered by a fully comprehensive insurance. 

In the event of the pupil having a licence disqualified by the D.V.L.A., it should be disclosed immediately to the driving school. Failing to inform the driving school of a disqualified/void licence renders the pupil uninsured in the tuition vehicle, so then in the case of an accident, the pupil if driving would be liable for any repair damages, personal injury or loss of earnings.
It is a legal requirement that you can read a standard number plate in good daylight at 23 metres (67 feet).  It is your legal responsibility to ensure this is the case, so we recommend you take an eyesight test when you start learning to drive.
Glasses or contact lenses should be worn if declared as a ’01’ code on the back of the driving licence.
It is illegal to drive whilst under the influence of alcohol or medication. The pupil’s social calendar should be considered before prebooking to a lesson slot, the driving Instructor has the right to terminate the lesson if a pupil is unfit to drive and the lesson fee will not be refunded.
All health issues must be declared before driving, including health changes.

Mission Statement

‘to meet the pupil’s expectations, teach them to drive safely and competently as quickly as possible and as cost-effectively as possible’. 


Pupils should view lessons as a course with an end exam, not a week by week ‘see how we go’ situation.
Provisions should be in place to weekly fund the course until its completion without missing lessons unless unavoidable due to holiday or sickness.

The price of each lesson slot is £50. 

Payments are payable in cash on the lesson each week. Alternative methods of payments are at the discretion of the instructor.
This ensures two hours of ‘one on one’ structured professional tuition in a fully dual controlled Manual (geared) tuition vehicle, including being dropped off no longer than 15 minutes prior to the end of a lesson to allow for travel time to the next lesson.
The pickup/drop off point can be flexible as long as it is within a reasonable travelling distance to the corresponding lesson slots either side of the booking. With adequate notice, the driving school is pleased to accommodate this.
Pupils learn in different timescales, and learning to drive can become quite costly for some pupils. If it is clear to the instructor and pupil mutually agree that it is becoming difficult to learn, the driving school will not carry on lessons in an aimless attempt to pass a test.
Help and advice will be offered to arrange an alternative course.

If you need to discuss expectations or need further clarification on this issue, please visit the  webpage or contact the instructor directly on 07986 333750

Lesson planning

A computerised diary is used to ensure pupils get a regular lesson slot each week. Mutually we endeavour to arrange lesson slots at the same time and day each week if practically possible.
This ensures consistency for positive structured development and makes it easier for the pupil to arrange other personal commitments at alternative times, so as not to disturb the tuition process.
Availability for lessons is from 8 o’clock until 6 o’clock per day working Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday in two-hour increments. Occasionally lesson slots are made available on other days with mutual discretion. Lessons rarely happen on weekends so we ask pupils to try to finalise all lesson queries by 8 pm Friday if possible.
Dealing with multiple people has its difficulties, so obviously, the slots agreed are subject to day/time changes. On occasions, pupils may be asked to change a booking to an alternative mutually agreeable time in the attempt to resolve a booking issue with another pupil. We ask for assistance with this if possible, you never know you may require this yourself at some time of the course.
Practical tests are usually planned weeks in advance allowing for the waiting lists. On the course, it should be expected that another pupil’s practical test may at some point overlap a lesson slot causing a lesson time change, however it is rare at short notice.
Holidays or sickness, and unexpected situations like car breakdowns also need to be sympathetically considered by both parties.
The driving school will determine if it is safe to drive in bad weather conditions. Consideration of the pupil’s ability will be taken into account. The driving school will not place the pupil in situations detrimental to their health. If a lesson is cancelled due to inclement weather it will be mutually rebooked at an alternative time.
Parents/guardians are welcome at any time to discuss the status of the learning process and are invited to sit in on a lesson if requested. It must be clarified, extra passengers are not covered in driving instructors insurance policy in the case of an accident.

Theory and hazard awareness test

Regardless of a pupil’s ability, a PRACTICAL driving test ‘CANNOT’ be booked without first passing a Theory and hazard awareness test. 
It is ‘STRONGLY ‘ advised that a theory test is completed as soon as possible, so if you are waiting for your course to start I would suggest you start working to pass this test immediately. The waiting list is is usually three/four weeks until a test date, leaving ample time for preparation.
Be advised, the practical test date availability is usually lengthy, so if the theory test is completed earlier in the course, practical waiting lists do not become a major problem to overcome.
By completing the theory test later in the course, pupils often find they are close to test standard but are waiting for a practical driving test some months away. This becomes a very costly mistake to make.
It is unreasonable for a driving instructor to be expected to temporarily remove bookings from the diary leaving empty lesson slots.
Even if this was practically viable, pupils cannot suspend lessons in case the opportunity of a short notice cancellation test at an earlier date becomes available. Also due to lack of consistency of practice, and the quality of driving deteriorating the pupil may no longer be to the required test standard.
Help and advice in all matters of tests are offered.

Practical Driving Test

Practical driving tests are booked by the pupil personally under the guidance of the driving instructor, failing to comply with this will reserve the right of the driving instructor to refuse to supply the tuition vehicle for purposes of the test.
The cost of the practical test day to the driving school is £62.50. This is a 2.5-hour lesson slot comprising of a pre-lesson and the driving test.
Please be aware it is likely that the pupil will also attend a normal lesson on the week prior to taking the test so allowances should be made regarding finances.

Continued training

Pass plus Extra (including motorway tuition after passing the practical driving test) which can considerably save money on car insurance costs, has a positive aspect on a C.V. in a job application, not to mention the obvious driving benefits: such as motorway driving.
It is rare that pupils refuse to attend the course due to the benefits it offers.  It costs £200 to complete, however, pupils are offered the Pass plus extra course for only £50 subject to a council funded grant being arranged following the attendance of the required workshop. (Ask instructor about this)

Cancellations.……(please read!)

Pupils should understand that even though the instructor is being sociable and friendly in the car, it is still a business relationship. It is the instructor’s livelihood and predicted earnings that are being affected when lessons are cancelled.
Would you struggle to meet your financial commitments if your salary was drastically reduced without warning?
‘Therefore, cancelled lessons are frowned upon and should only happen if absolutely unavoidable with as much notice as possible’

As a pupil exits the vehicle at the conclusion of a lesson they are contractually promising to attend the mutually agreed lesson slot booked for the following week, therefore contractually committing to a payment being made whether it is attended or not regardless of the reason. 

Provisions should be made to finance the following lesson and if in doubt the pupil must speak to the instructor before reserving the lesson slot at the end of the lesson.
This charge is required due to the way tuition insurance policies and business outgoing costs operate, much the same way we accept to contractually pay our mortgage when we are on holiday or pay our monthly mobile phone bill to avoid late payment charges or being cut off.
It is advisable to put future bookings in a diary and if in doubt when a lesson contact the instructor for a reminder.
Every effort should be made by the pupil to move a pre-booked lesson slot to an alternative time if cancelling it becomes absolutely unavoidable for some reason, not simply decide to miss a week.
If cancelling becomes unavoidable even at short notice, every effort will be made to offer the booked lesson slot to an alternative pupil. Please inform the instructor if you would like to be considered for any cancellation slots that may become free.

The driving school promises to do everything it can to avoid a cancellation payment being made, however ‘a pupil should not assume a lesson slot can be easily filled, it is more likely to ‘NOT’ be the case and the Two-hour lesson fee charged’ 

The driving school reserves the right to terminate this contract without notice if it becomes clear the pupil’s commitment to learning is not being taken seriously by randomly cancelling lesson slots without a good reason.

Driving test cancellations

Pupils should assume a Booked practical test may be put back to a later date if lessons are cancelled without good reason leading up to that test. This may be avoided if the missed lesson is rebooked as an extra booking.
The driving school reserves the right to refuse supply the tuition vehicle for a test if the candidate disrupts the lesson programme mutually planned prior to the test or demonstrates they are not to the required standard.
On arrival at the test centre, if the driving test is cancelled due to examiner sickness, inclement weather conditions or any other reason, the planned lesson/test slot will be used as a regular lesson.
Note: This process will be repeated in the tuition vehicle. The pupil will be asked to sign the agreement in person to allow any issues to be raised in person. The conversation will be taped on in-car C.C.T.V.

If you are the bill payer you will be asked to confirm acceptance of these conditions by ‘replying to an email’ by printing in the subject box ‘Agreed with the pupil’s name’. 

‘DO NOT AGREE’ to the terms and conditions if you have any reservations or concerns. Speak with the instructor first.



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Telephone: 07986 333750